Professional Plate Tectonics

by Emily - March 4, 2015

We all often end up working on projects with a huge number of suppliers, clients and other agencies. You’re often thrown into the mix when the project is already up and running and are immediately in conflict with other parties. It’s tough.

Here’s the number one tip: don’t be precious.

If you’re in a meeting with a client and other agencies or people with roles similar to your own and you belittle them or act defensively, then you’re not doing your job well enough. The simple fact of the matter is that PR, marketing and communications is a fiercely competitive market. Everything is subjective and everything changes constantly.

Communications professionals are plate tectonics. We never stop moving and sometimes we rub up against each other the wrong way. The trick is not to let the cracks show on the surface.

A good agency, a good consultant, a good supplier will act with absolute professionalism at all times. You don’t go running to the client, you don’t bitch about each other. If you can rise above the nonsense, you will always stand out.

After all, if you can’t manage your own reputation, why would anyone let you manage theirs?