Why call it PR?

by Emily - January 14, 2015

People often ask why our company is called Moonshine PR and not Moonshine Communications, or Moonshine Marketing, or Moonshine Digital, or just plain Moonshine. The answer usually leads me off on a long diatribe on semantics but I’ll try to keep it succinct. Marketing, social media, communications, PR; call it what you like. All these artforms bleed into each other and have one key aim; to get your business and your products, services or thoughts in front of potential customers or ambassadors.

I first started in PR around 2003 (as an infant). My first role involved interesting global publicity. I wrote a press release, formatted it nicely and then I printed it out, shuffled down the corridor to a little room with no windows and stood there, faxing it to hundreds and hundreds of numbers. It would take a few days, sometimes, and there was no way to know if a journalist had even seen it, let alone read it. A few weeks later I would take delivery of an envelope full of press cuttings. Engagement came in the form of letters to the editor about the article in question. These days, we’d shudder at taking that long to pitch a story and see results and the process rarely takes more than a day or two from start to finish.

Things evolved at breakneck speed. Firstly, email and a website helped me to get more content to more people more quickly. Then Linkedin and Facebook came along and I had to tailor my communications to suit those new channels (and persuade the old-guard to use them at all) then Twitter shook everything up by being all about soundbites and community growth. You know all this, but it leads nicely to my answer to “why call it PR?”

In just over a decade, everything has become instant and constant and PR professionals are busier and more valuable than ever before. You don’t get to draft and redraft, you have to be brilliant at your art all the time. If you stall, the conversation moves on and someone else will grasp the opportunity.

We made the decision to have PR in our title because we feel it epitomises everything we do. We help companies to build and maintain a relationship and a positive reputation with their publics and we do it brilliantly. Anything else is just semantics.