Who should I let speak for my company on social media?

by Emily - September 11, 2014

At the last count, I manage or have access to 17 Twitter accounts and nine Facebook pages. With that level of multitasking, I am automatically programmed to do the pre-content-flight safety checks; am I using the right account, is everything spelt correctly, am I in the right tone of voice for this audience? I do this all day, every day, and still have to check and double-check before I hit send. It’s fraught with hazard, however experienced you are.

I am often asked whether a company’s employees should be allowed to use social media on their behalf. The answer is an emphatic YES (with caveats). If you’re lucky enough to have employees who are engaged and proactive enough to want to promote your brand online then you really should capitalise on that. With guidance and training, both of which Moonshine PR is happy to provide, your employees are your loudest and most passionate advocates. On message, they can amplify your voice to an incredible degree.

The fear for companies is that a disenfranchised staff member may cause problems for the company’s image, or that they might click on the wrong account and accidentally unleash a stream of invective in your company’s name. As with any activity involving human beings, there is a layer of risk but in this case the potential benefits far outweigh the potential problems. Here are just some of those benefits;

Empowering your staff on social media is great for your image. There’s little better PR than showing emphatically that you attract staff that you can trust, who are on brand and on message and happy to share your news. It doesn’t matter if they’re the CEO or the new intern, if they contribute in a positive and useful manner, encourage it.

Even one extra voice online will increase your reach. Word of mouth is the single most powerful advertising tool and the hardest to monitor and control. In having your staff members promoting your product, services or brand you instantly capitalise on the incredible power of their personal networking. You control the content and you can monitor the results.

And finally, remember the six degrees of separation rule. I’m often surprised to see how far my LinkedIn network extends- one connection away from Barack Obama, crikey! Your staff and contacts sharing useful and engaging content has the potential to reach far wider than any traditional PR activity. Let’s have a chat about what that content might be. Barack might not read it, but your next major customer just might.