Multiple Online Personalities

by Emily - August 27, 2014

There are a number of incredibly easy ways to manage multiple personalities online and from any platform. Here’s how I deal with it;

For every single platform I maintain two very separate accounts. One is easily trackable, it’s the one you’ll see if you Google my name or search for me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. That’s my professional account and you won’t find anything political, personal or contentious there, unless you are easily offended by tips and opinion about communication channels. The other is my personal account. It’s not identifiable as me.

I think of it thusly; my personal account is my living room. If you’re there it’s because I know and trust you and I’m free to fully express myself without it impacting on my career prospects. My professional accounts are my office. They’re for talking about work issues which might frankly bore my friends but interest professional contacts and potentially engage with new clients. There is cross-over, of course. Online as in real life, working relationships often grow into close friendships and that’s fantastic- come into my living room, chums.

I will happily engage with other brands via my professional accounts. When I’m in the office, if I’m approached by a stationery company who want to talk about rulers and I’m in the market for a ruler, I will listen. If the same stationery company walk into my living room with their wares I’m quite likely to set the dog on them (the dog is not a metaphor for any online activity).

This is also key to identifying the right channel and tone of voice to engage with your audience. Would you talk to them about it in the pub? Let’s think about a Twitter campaign? Is a one-to-one chat at their home the right thing? Straight to Facebook. Is it going to help their career, build their network, earn them more money? LinkedIn. And so on. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, which is where we come in- we’ll help you to build the right campaign for the right audience. Come and chat with us in our office!