Let’s get off to a great start!

by Emily - August 7, 2014

As brilliant as they may be, your agency or freelance support can’t read your mind and honestly, if they can, you should sack them immediately. They’re creepy.

Here at Moonshine Towers we aren’t at all creepy, we can’t read minds but we do work hard to make sure that all our clients are clear what we are doing for them, why, and exactly how much it will cost. That’s why we’ve got a very clear set of questions we always ask.

If you’re briefing a new agency or freelancer, answering these questions immediately will speed things up considerably. They’ll also think you’re brilliant and that’s a fabulous place to start your working relationship.

1. Who is the audience?

For a professional writer, this is always the first question. It matters because it’s vital to use the right channel and tone of voice in order to communicate effectively. It also greatly influences price. A blog is much quicker to produce than an annual report or a white paper, for example, so it’s cheaper. There are countless combinations of audience and channel to work with- we can help you choose the one which will get the right results.

2. What is the deadline?

If there isn’t one, then when would you like the work to be delivered? Be honest about when you want a job to finish. We love a firm deadline.

3. What is the overall objective?

It’s really important that we fully understand your ultimate business objectives. This will help us to guide you seamlessly to the best strategy for your external and internal communications. Fully understanding what drives you allows us to channel that passion into our words. A really good agency (like us, of course) will measure the success of their comms strategy against your overall objectives. You want to increase visitors to your website? Here’s how we help you achieve that.

4. Do you require regular reports and updates?

It’s really important that you know what you’re paying for, especially if you then have to report back to a management or stakeholder board. Tell us what you want upfront and we’re always happy to deliver. Like a pie-chart? Have a pie-chart. We love pie-charts, mainly because they remind us of pies.

5. What’s your budget?

The question that every agency hates to ask and every client hates to hear. However, if you can give a guideline, even a ballpark figure, it really helps us to plan how we can maximise that investment for you. It’s in everyone’s best interest for your agency to give you the best bang for your buck and it’s easier to do so if we know roughly what that buck is.